Beware of the Dog - Crossing Borders

This Beware of the Dog - Crossing Borders lesson plan also includes:

Roald Dahl’s classic World War II short story, “Beware of the Dog” is the focus of a close reading exercise that asks learners to respond to text-dependent questions with evidence drawn from the story. Participants record responses on the provided evidence chart and use these notes for the culminating analytic essay. Included in the packet are teacher instructions, questions template, the writing prompt, and sample essays.  The richly detailed plan deserves a place in your curriculum library.

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CCSS: Designed

  • A template for text-dependent questions is provided for students
  • The annotated teacher version includes evidence-based answers and a list of Tier II vocabulary words
  • Extension activities include researching references in the story

  • If class members are familiar with the close reading format, provide pairs or small groups with a two-column copy of the story and have them annotate the text and respond to the questions