Baron de Montesquieu

This Baron de Montesquieu handout & reference also includes:

Montesquieu's ideas of a separation of governmental powers, the idea of checks and balances on government, and the influence these ideas had on James Madison, are the focus of a brief information sheet and activities packet.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Provide greater breadth and depth to the discussion by asking high school-aged learners to research Montesquieu, his ideas, and where these ideas are found in the Constitution
Classroom Considerations

  • The sixth in a series of related resources that examine the philosophers and philosophic ideas that influenced the American system of government

  • The packet includes a brief explanation of Montesquieu's ideas, graphic organizers, worksheets, games, an answer key, and writing prompts

  • Older learners will find the explanations over simplified