Assessing Skin Sensitivity—Temperature Receptors

This Assessing Skin Sensitivity—Temperature Receptors lesson plan also includes:

You walk into a room and immediately notice it is cold, but how did your body recognize it? Scholars explore how their skin determines if something is hot, cold, or just right. They learn about receptors and response times through multiple trials.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Collect the class data and then average it to better understand human response times
  • If time allows, test the same experiment on another section of skin, for example elbows, to see if the results are the same
Classroom Considerations

  • Use caution maintaining the warm water at the proper temperature without going too high

  • Activity easily adapts to higher or lower levels based on how in depth you explain concepts
  • Provides links to related experiments

  • None