Animal Body Plans and Evolution

This Animal Body Plans and Evolution presentation also includes:

How have we become what we've become? The presentation slides explain the process of evolution from a body plan viewpoint. They describe the evolution of each body plan including body symmetry, embryological development, cephalization, and limb formation, among others. Each plan shows progression of animals from invertebrates to vertebrates.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use presentation software to turn the provided PDF into a presentation
  • Have pupils use a graphic organizer or foldable book to record the different body plans 
Classroom Considerations

  • Consider extending the presentation into a two-day lesson to allow learners time to process each body plan

  • Complete analysis of the body plans in regards to evolution

  • Lesson seems dry with the use of sketched images; photos of actual animals would be more powerful
  • Direct instruction lesson that does not allow pupils to make their own conjectures