Ancient Greece by KIDS DISCOVER

Can't afford a trip to Greece? Why not take a virtual tour? Read or listen to audio narration as you explore a 3-D model of the Parthenon, ride along with the soldiers hidden within the Trojan Horse, and consider the lasting achievements of this incredible culture.

5th - 12th Social Studies & History 22 Views 5 Downloads
App Overview

The index includes Great Greece!, Awesome Athens, Greek Folk, The Sporting Life: The Olympics, The Trojan Horse, Lasting Achievements, Digging Up the Past, Activities, Quizzes, and Resources

  • Tap the plus sign to learn more about a picture
  • Tap the X to close a pop-up
  • Tap the arrow to watch a video
  • Tap the speaker to listen to the audio
  • Swipe the arrow to move forward or spin
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to continue
  • At the end of a section, return to the index to select a new category or continue through the sections in order
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Instructional Ideas

Connect a tablet to a projector so that the whole class can engage the content at the same time. Groups or individuals could then select a topic to research in greater depth.

Classroom Considerations

This app would work best as an overview; the lack of detail and depth means there is little to draw learners back for a second look.


  • Index includes a wide variety of topics
  • The app would serve as a general introduction to Ancient Greece
  • The Resources page lists websites and books for those who would like more information
  • Each section has expandable contents to permit further exploration
  • Easy to navigate

  • Quizzes and games lack depth
  • The "Check It Out!" quizzes are trivia-style questions that have nothing to do with the corresponding text
  • Only one 5-question quiz
  • Only one jigsaw puzzle
  • The word scramble must be done on paper
  • Little to draw a user back to the app