Lesson Plan

An Inquiry into Alcoholic Fermentation

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This An Inquiry into Alcoholic Fermentation lesson plan also includes:

Introduce life science students to their new "best buds" yeast! Using a wide variety of materials, lab groups design an experiment that illustrates how yeast acquires the resources it needs to undergo cellular respiration. The teacher's guide includes helpful video links and a rubric for grading oral presentations.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Conduct a tour of materials available for groups to use prior to brainstorming for their experiments
  • Provide additional support of the concepts by showing one of the videos mentioned in the resources section of the guide
Classroom Considerations
  • Make hard copies of the web-based research homework assignment to accommodate pupils with no Internet access at home, or schedule time in the computer lab for groups to complete research together
  • Resource provides hands-on exposure to aerobic and anaerobic respiration processes
  • Spelling errors in the experimental procedures