All About Prepositions

This All About Prepositions lesson plan also includes:

Learn how to describe items that are behind, under, or between other items with a set of worksheets about prepositions. Three activities include a reading passage, a writing prompt, and a grammar jigsaw puzzle with an extensive word bank.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Worksheets are a great addition to your grammar lesson or in a unit about parts of speech
  • Use the extension activities for enrichment or extra homework assignments
Classroom Considerations
  • A dated reading passage (2009) describes Lance Armstrong's quest for another Tour de France title, consider whether you want to introduce him to your class in light of the subsequent stripping of his titles in 2012
  • You could replace the Armstrong model passage with a similar, less controversial passage
  • Grammar exercises are fun and creative, especially the jigsaw puzzle
  • Provides lots of instruction and additional ideas for practice
  • None