Alcohol and Your Brain

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Through an engaging video and quiz, learn about the effects of alcohol on specific regions of the brain, as well as general effects on the body.

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App Overview

Alcohol and Your Brain is a straightforward app; simply watch the video and take the quiz. Within the quiz, check your answers, get a hint from the video (it will show the answer within the video), then tweet your score or retake the quiz. Although it doesn't have a lot of different functions, Alcohol and Your Brain is a great resource for its purpose. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a flipped classroom scenario. Have learners watch the video and take the quiz at home
  • Great for sub plan days—watch the video, take the quiz, then research each question that was answered incorrectly
  • Have class draw and label the parts of the brain and how each part is affected by alcohol
Classroom Considerations
  • The video was created in Australia, where the legal drinking age is 18; thus, the video refers to teenagers drinking
  • Score sharing options are only with Twitter
  • Easy to use
  • Quiz has options to get a hint from the video or to check answers
  • Share quiz scores via Twitter
  • Single-function app, only has the video and quiz