Adam of the Road Novel Study

This Adam of the Road Novel Study study guide also includes:

Abbot, wimple, and valerian are three words featured in the novel Adam of the Road that are now obsolete. Using the novel study guide, scholars learn the meanings of these words and define additional terms from the book. Learners also answer questions and create examples of alliteration, personification, and simile. Finally, they create a storyboard to summarize their reading. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have small groups research and present about an aspect of medieval life
  • Ask individuals to rewrite a scene from the story in a modern setting
Classroom Considerations

  • Only a preview of the full novel study (includes information about chapters one and two)
  • Vocabulary activity requires a dictionary or Internet access
  • Provide copies of the novel

  • Includes two engaging pre-reading activities
  • Provides practice with many literary elements

  • No answer key