A Yin and Yang Approach to Area and Irregular Shapes

This A Yin and Yang Approach to Area and Irregular Shapes activity & project also includes:

What can ancient Chinese philosophy teach young mathematicians about area? Find out with this fun hands-on investigation that uses the yin yang symbol to explore the area of irregular shapes.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Supplement this hands-on investigation into an upper-elementary or middle school geometry lesson on area of irregular shapes
  • After having time to explore the yin and yang symbol in small groups, have students share their findings with the entire class
Classroom Considerations

  • Teachers are required to prepare paper yin and yang templates for students to use during the investigation
  • Activity assumes students have already learned about the relationship between the area of rectangles and triangles

  • Activity encourages collaboration as students work in small groups to develop a deeper understanding of area
  • Resource includes pictures that demonstrate different strategies students may use when completing the activity

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