A Tree is a Plant by Claude Robert Bulla

This A Tree is a Plant by Claude Robert Bulla assessment also includes:

A three-part assessment sheds light on an informational text and the process in which scholars read, take notes, and respond to a writing prompt. Beginning with a read-aloud, learners sketch memorable moments and discuss their pictures with their peers. A graphic organizer preps pupils for the final portion—writing an explanatory essay accompanied by a labeled picture. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Plan to administer the assessment at the same time your learning about trees and seed growth
  • Create a bulletin board with a large-scale apple tree and labels, fill in labels as a class after the exam
  • Keep the assessment along with others in the series for discussion purposes during parent-teacher conferences,  

Classroom Considerations
  • This exam is the final part of a seven-part series 
  • The file is editable 
  • Lesson plan instructions are written clearly 
  • The worksheets are disorganized and need reformatting