A Tale of Two Teeth: A Hands-On Discussion About Climate Change

This A Tale of Two Teeth: A Hands-On Discussion About Climate Change lesson plan also includes:

Sink your teeth into an engaging lesson on climate change! Science sleuths examine the prehistoric central Florida ecosystem through fossil analysis and a Socratic discussion. The easy-to-follow teacher's plan provides detailed structure, guiding questions, and links to additional resources.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Follow the embedded link to learn more about the Joides Resolution, a research vessel dedicated to exploring the ocean for data on climate change and its effects
  • Expand on some of the discussion-based models in the lesson to have the class create physical representations of glaciers or the ecosystem of ancient central Florida
Classroom Considerations
  • Prepare the required materials in advance
  • Study up on the key components of oceanography and earth history, as strong background knowledge is essential for great lesson delivery
  • Content provides a great opportunity to immerse learners into the Socratic method
  • The teacher's guide is packed with questions and answers to lead the discussion, printable materials, and links to impactful images
  • Lesson could be modified to include high school science classes
  • None