A Moving Crust

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Young scientists piece together the geological puzzle that is the earth in the third and final instructional activity of this earth science series. With the help of numerous multimedia resources and a series of engaging hands-on activities, students learn about the different kinds of plate boundaries and the geological features they create.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use this lesson series to transition into an earth science unit on the geosphere
  • Create laminated sets of the tectonic plates printable that students can use year after year when learning about the structure of the earth
  • Use the moving crust concentration game as a science learning center
Classroom Considerations
  • Lesson is designed to span over the course of two 45-minute periods, but can be combined into a single lesson depending on your class schedule
  • Resource includes all worksheets, reading passages, assessments, and printable materials required for teaching this lesson
  • A link is provided to an interactive resource that depicts the motion of the tectonic plates
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on plate tectonics and volcanoes are included with the lesson, which include colorful diagrams and helpful presenter notes
  • None