A Day at the Beach

This A Day at the Beach unit also includes:

Sun, sand, ocean, and geometry—what more could a class need? The main activity in this unit has learners calculating the volume of sand-building equipment and beach balls using sphere, cone and cylinder formulas. The real wealth of information, however, is in the scored exemplars included, the extensive rubrics, and the amount of pre-teaching and remedial work provided. The authors really back the lesson up to fundamentals and build to the more complicated formulas, all while keeping the activities fun and sometimes even involving computer simulations.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Unit could be extended to actually building and finding the volume of structures
  • Rather than give dimensions of fictional pails, cans, etc. ask learners to bring in materials from home
  • Classroom post-activity analysis could include a presentation of the scored examples as the end of course test prep
Classroom Considerations

  • Materials in the packet are not ordered chronologically. The main cumulative activity is followed by graded examples, followed by rubrics, teaching tools, and formative assessments

  • Relevant background and formative activities support without being carbon copies of the main activity
  • Thorough rubrics and examples would make great teaching tools for open-response questions in standardized testing
  • Student directions are clear, but also not overly wordy with excess information

  • Page 4 is missing the pi symbol in the bold directions
  • Teaching support worksheets do not all have answer keys
  • Rubrics on pages seven and 51 still have placeholder notation where formula calculations should be
  • Links to the computer activities all land on the same opening page and require navigation to the specific part desired