3-D Measurement Project

This 3-D Measurement Project activity & project also includes:

Go beyond flakes and bran and provide this fun and tasty activity that lets learners design and create their own cereal box. It's all about the box when your middle schoolers provide directions and a solution on how to calculate the surface area and volume where the usual breakfast activity is located on the back. They get to create ingredients and nutritional facts and provide everything that normally comes on a cereal box. To test their surface area skills, they should also provide a geometric net that represents the shape of the cereal box with details. 

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Grading rubric provided
  • Allows for full range of creativity and detail
  • Connects surface area and volume into one activity

  • Some of the directions are not very specific on the placement and size of things needed to be done, let your learners know what they need to do for your activity
Common Core