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Warm Up Exercises

For Students 4th - 12th
Find an extensive list of warm-up, cool-down, and strength-training exercises perfect for all ages. Each move includes written description as well as an image. Use these for your own reference or to give to students who are training on a...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Extend your lesson on Christopher Myers' H.O.R.S.E with a series of activities about basketball. After kids read the book, they match basketball terms with their definitions, find as many words as they can with the letters H, O, R, S,...
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For Teachers 5th - 8th
Images of the Atapuerca Caves, the cave paintings at Altamira, and a Neanderthal skull found at Forbes' Quarry on Gibraltar serve to introduce kids to prehistoric sites in Spain. Designed to support a study of prehistoric Spain, the...
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Famous Artist of the Month

For Teachers 2nd - 8th
Feature one famous artist a month with a series of portraits, biographies, and examples of their gallery. With masters such as Augustus Rodin, Francisco Goya, and Michelangelo, the resource provides opportunities every month for kids to...
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Mathematics Vocabulary Cards - Kindergarten

For Teachers K
Enhance your math lesson with a series of pictures that illustrate different math concepts. The vocabulary includes a variety of ideas and pictures including fractions, ordinal numbers, picture graphs, and number lines.
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Preschool Report

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Preschoolers reflect on their day with an informative report form. It prompts them to think about when they had fun, what mood they were in, how much of their lunch they ate, when they slept, and what happened on the potty.
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The Pencil Hold Rap

For Teachers K - 5th
Master the pencil grip with a cute rap and poster. Kids use illustrations and fun lyrics to remind themselves about how to properly hold a pencil.
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Practice Makes Progress Quote

For Teachers K - 5th
Practice doesn't just make perfect anymore! Kids learn about the power of practice with a motivational poster that features a dejected boy with a deflated sand castle. At the bottom of the page, he has created a spectacular castle by...
Lesson Planet

Pedometer Tracking Log

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Keep track of the steps you take throughout the day with a tracking log. The worksheet prompts young athletes to record the name of the activity they do, the time they performed the activity, the total steps that they took, and the...
Lesson Planet

Our Solar System - Fact Cards

For Teachers K - 4th
Which planet in our solar system has no moons, is very small, and has days equal to 58 days on earth? Mercury! Find these and other fun facts about all eight planets and the sun to print out for your classroom. There is a satellite image...
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Arts Lesson Plan Template

For Teachers K - 12th
Plan out a detailed art lesson plan with this blank, editable PDF template. The first page provides a place for a quick summary of the plan, and the rest of the document invites you to mark Common Core standards and describe the skills,...
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Common Core Template for Multi-Day Lesson Plans or Units

For Teachers K - 12th
Set up your class for success with the Common Core by planning your lessons with the standards in mind. This blank lesson plan template will help you get there. It includes fields for standards, space to write lesson procedures, areas to...
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For Teachers 1st - 6th
Wanted: Dead or Alive! Use a worksheet that features a wanted poster in your class to work on descriptive details and illustrations. A fun way to assess what kids are learning.
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December Bookmark

For Teachers Pre-K - 5th
Celebrate the arrival of winter with this cute, printable bookmark. With fun images of two cartoon polar bears sitting in the snow, this resource will get children excited about curling up with a good book this winter season.
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Rights, Responsibilities, and Privileges

For Students 3rd - 6th
Help your pupils become excellent classroom citizens. In small groups, learners discuss the rights they have because of the United States Constitution and come up with examples of privileges and responsibilities.
1 In 1 Collection
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Back to School Interview

For Students 1st - 6th
Gather some information about your class with a quick interview page. Learners fill out responses to a list of prompts, such as favorite color and favorite snack. Individuals can fill out their own information or interview a partner.