Sewing Teacher Resources

Whether you’re mending a pair of pants, creating a stuffed animal, or designing a new wardrobe, sewing skills are important! At Lesson Planet, we’ve got resources for the smallest sewers to older experts—and fun ways to incorporate sewing into language arts and math class, too!

Get those needles moving with a resource that covers sewing fundamentals, or exercises for measuring, threading a sewing machine, and using a cutting board. A set of basic projects can get the lesson started, and a few activities that use patterns get textile students off to a great start.

Sewing can be interdisciplinary! Language arts teachers can sew puppets in a lesson on Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss. For math learners, using sewing in a measurement lesson is a great practical application, and a money math activity connects sewing with the concept of decimals as learners add up the cost of materials.

Ready to move to the next level? Trying quilting with a resource that brings in the Pythagorean Theorem—perfect for advanced sewists and math students alike!

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