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Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in modern society. While many contributing factors to obesity are out of children’s control, there are many ways for them to implement elements of a healthy lifestyle into their routine—starting in the classroom!

Cover the basics of obesity and healthy eating with an accompaniment to the PBS documentary “Youth Obesity: Schools Fight Back,” designed for both science and language arts classes. You can also use a thorough unit to take learners through science-based solutions to a healthy lifestyle, or an interactive resource that demonstrates the different ways nutritionists measure obesity.

Students can focus on ways to prevent obesity with an engaging lesson on the difference between healthy and unhealthy snacks. They can watch a video that examines the difference between sugar and corn syrup, or a video that explains the dangers of binge-watching television. Another resource prompts class members to consider the connection between sleep and obesity, and an interdisciplinary activity encourages them to consider a news article on banning soda from schools.

Need more ideas? Check out a Lesson Planet article on how to implement healthy ideas into your classroom during Childhood Obesity Awareness Month (September), or look below for an array of high-quality resources, curated and reviewed by our teacher team.

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