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A song is only as memorable as its melody! Preschoolers and professional musicians alike know the value of a solid melody, no matter how complex the accompaniment is behind it. Teach music students about melodic lines with any number of our teacher-curated resources.

A scaffolded music theory activity teaches young musicians how to compose their own melody, which they can bring to a lesson on writing pop songs or composing music for a class recorder concert. Learners can pass the melody in a fun class game, or study the movement of pitch that comprises the melody in Raffi’s “Down by the Bay.”

Want to create a cross-curricular assignment between music and another class? Language arts students can find a possible melody in Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” or other stories, and a math lesson on time signatures ends with a melodic improvisation on classroom-made instruments. For an interdisciplinary music lesson that connects all subjects, check out an activity based on the Blue Man Group from Broadway, which brings the magic, science, and language of music to life.

The sweetest melody is your classroom is the sound of students learning, and at Lesson Planet, we want to help you keep the song going!

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