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Oak trees, maple, pine. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the individual trees.  Yet by examining the common characteristics of these woody giants, a pattern emerges. You can formulate a broad statement that considers what different types of trees have in common. Developing critical thinking skills, being able to analyze information, being able to recognize patterns, to formulate and test a generalization, is essential for 21st Century Learners.

Lesson Planet has a cache of resources designed to encourage these critical thinking skills in learners of all ages. Young scientists conduct experiments to determine the relative energy content of both fats and carbohydrates while geometrists use an interactive to manipulate side lengths and make generalizations about the types of special right triangles. Instructors can assess middle schoolers understanding of data distribution with a resource that asks kids to analyze and make general observations about dot plots or engage young economists in making generalizations based on the data included in charts and graphs.

21st century learners must be able to think flexibly, to generalize, and apply knowledge to new situations. Apps, lesson and unit plans, activities, worksheets, and reading comprehension exercises, that teach these skills can all be found in our reviewed and rated collection of resources.

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Making Generalizations