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Where the Red Fern Grows Worksheet Collection

For Teachers 4th - 7th Standards
If your class is reading Where the Red Fern Grows, make sure you have this set of worksheets to help with comprehension, deeper thinking, and literary device application. Whether you print these and hand them out or just use them as...
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Reading Literature: 7th Grade ELA Common Core

For Teachers 7th Standards
Seventh grade is a great opportunity to take your literature unit to the next cognitive level. Challenge middle schoolers with a collection of Common Core aligned projects, lessons, and activities, all designed to enhance the learning...
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Reading Literature: 11-12th Grade ELA Common Core

For Teachers 11th - 12th Standards
Looking for resources that model how to address specific Common Core Standards for reading literature in grades 11 and 12? Then check out this collection. Take a look at the attached notes for each resource to find the aligned Common...
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So Many Similes

For Teachers Pre-K - 6th Standards
Take your simile instruction to the next level with this collection of videos, posters, webpages, presentations, and more. Designed for a range of skill levels and learning styles, the collection has an array of resources that fit the...

EngageNY Grade 10 ELA: Module 1, Unit 2: "Letters to a Young Poet"

For Teachers 9th Standards
Through a close reading of excerpts from fiction (Black Swan Green) and nonfiction (Letters to a Young Poet), class members analyze how authors use specific words and figurative language to develop their central ideas. All eleven lessons...
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Metaphors, Similes, Symbolism - Oh My!

For Teachers 6th - 8th Standards
Put some flavor and zest into your middle schoolers' writing with a collection on figurative language. With worksheets, presentations, projects, and lesson plans, you'll be sure to find something perfect for your writing unit.
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Analyzing Literary Devices

For Teachers 8th Standards
Eighth graders identify figurative language and poetry in this literary analysis lesson. Using Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll and a YouTube video for "The Walrus and the Carpenter," young readers complete a literary device...
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Creating Suspense Lesson 2: Analyzing Literary Devices in "The Lottery"

For Students 9th - 10th Standards
Looking for a complete lesson plan that does not require searching for additional materials? Creating Suspense Lesson 2 offers just that. After reading Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," scholars analyze the literary devices the author...
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Literary Devices, Techniques, and Elements

For Students 7th - 12th Standards
What's the difference between a speaker and an author? What's an example of anthropomorphism? Clarify the meanings of literary devices, elements, and techniques with a comprehensive glossary of terms.
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Explore Literary Devices in Popular Lyrics

For Teachers Pre-K - 9th
Bring literary devices to life by listening to popular song clips and studying their lyrics.
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A Glossary of Literary Terms

For Students 7th - 11th Standards
If you're tired of defining allusion, onomatopoeia, and satire for your language arts students, hand out a complete list of literary devices to keep the terms straight. Each term includes a definition that is easy to understand and...
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Elements of Style: Literary Devices

For Teachers 7th - 12th Standards
How does an author develop his or her personal writing style? This presentation starts by looking at E.E. Cummings and some of his most notable works. As an author with a lot of style, he's the perfect example! Then, terms such as...
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Test Review Sheet: Collection 8 & Rhetorical Devices

For Students 8th - 9th
Challenge your literary analysts with this test review sheet. Learners identify rhetorical devices and parallel structure in addition to defining literary devices and vocabulary. While there is no test included, this could be used as a...
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Literary Analysis Worksheet

For Students 6th - 8th Standards
Have you ever read something without really reading it? Scholars often read words while not paying full attention to the text. Completing a literary analysis sheet encourages reader involvement in stories. They do so by determining the...
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Creating Suspense Lesson 1: Analyzing Literary Devices in Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death"

For Students 9th - 12th Standards
Rather than a whodunit, "The Masque of the Red Death" is the perfect story to analyze how Poe combines literary devices to create the suspense that grips readers. The richly detailed lesson is carefully scaffolded, moving from teacher...
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Poems, Literary Devices and Poets Test

For Students 8th - 12th
In this poems, literary devices, and poets worksheet, students identify from a word bank the poem, literary device, or poet that is being described. Students complete 16 problems.
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Literary Mood Ring

For Teachers 4th - 8th
Get some giggles from your class and build understanding of the mood of a literary piece with this printable. Pupils fill in the mood in the gem part of the ring, and write down supporting details below (inside of the actual ring). While...
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A Theme Is...

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Colorful contemporary images contained in a PowerPoint presentation will capture the attention of class members and model for them the how to distinguish between the subject and the theme of a work. A great want to introduce this...
1 In 1 Collection
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Lord of the Flies Reading Guide

For Students 7th - 8th
Study characterization, plot, setting, and symbols in William Golding's Lord of the Flies with a thorough reading guide. It provides reading comprehension questions for each chapter, as well literary devices, symbols, and character...
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It's Raining Cats and Dogs! Literary Devices and Figurative Language

For Teachers 3rd - 4th
Third and fourth graders study literary devices and figurative language. They view a PowerPoint presentation (which you must create) to review hyperbole, idiom, simile, and metaphor. They read and discuss the book There's A Frog in My...
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Integrated Unit on Grammar and Writing

For Teachers 8th - 10th
Identify literary devices (alliteration, repetition, allusion, etc.) that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used in his "I Have a Dream" speech. Middle schoolers go on to identify the literarcy devices Malcolm X used in "The Ballot or the...
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Figurative Language iMovie

For Teachers 5th
In order to understand figurative language, learners read 5 poems, each exemplifying a different literary device. They discuss and write responses to each poem. They then choose one literary device which they will use as the basis for a...
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Poetry in Depth

For Teachers 6th - 9th
Scholars use technology to explore poetry and its related elements, such as theme, figures of speech, and other literary devices. They complete four poetry projects including a poem analysis with a concept web, an interactive poem...
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Poetic Devices Finder

For Students 5th - 7th Standards
Track the poetic elements in any text with a guided reading worksheet. Kids note examples of consonance, alliteration, onomatopoeia, repetition, rhyme, and rhythm when reading a poem or story, and provide a short explanation as to why...