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No one can resist the percussive rhythm and wild energy of la musica de américa latina! From the smooth, steady samba to the thrilling trills of the mariachi, Latin American music is a vital addition to any party and an anthem to a thriving culture.

But what are the roots of Latin American music? How has it influenced other genres of music, such as jazz or reggaeton? And how can you introduce Latin American music to your classroom curriculum?

Start with multicultural lessons on the history of regional Latin American music, and move on to a study of Latin American immigration and the influences of Latino cultural integration on modern American music. A great resource connects the pop song “Despacito” to the genres of Latin American music that influenced its rhythmic beat. Music classes will enjoy apps like Pocket Salsa. Get little kids involved with hands-on activities such as making maracas or bongo drums. And don’t leave math classes out! The pulsing beat present throughout all genres of Latin American music makes a great math lesson.

We make high-quality resources on Latin American music available for any grade level to help you tell a quintessential story of history through music.

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