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¡Hola! Bonjour! Nǐ hǎo! Marhaba!

No matter what language you speak, you want to speak it well. And no matter what language you’re teaching, our educator team wants you to have the highest-quality materials available!

Spanish students will love an interactive resource that demonstrates everyday Spanish phrases with pronunciations and context clues. A storybook project helps them practice their new language in a creative way!

For French learners, a printout on French holidays guides their understanding of their new language’s culture and history. Use a project in AP French just before they take the test to assess skills and clarify understanding.

The basics of American Sign Language are the focus of an interactive tool, as well as a helpful fingerspelling app. And speaking of technological ways to learn a new language, check out this thorough app to learn Mandarin, an online Latin dictionary, and a resource that includes the Arabic alphabet.

Want some tools for general language education? A Google app can help you translate any language to another language, and a worksheet shows students how common languages have contributed to their everyday English.

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