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What is more fascinating than a festival? More fun that a parade? The study of human behavior, tradition, and customs has long been the purview of anthropologists as they examine these celebrations to uncover what they reveal about a society’s values.

Lesson Planet provides reviewed educational resources that encourage social scientists of all ages to join the fun by exploring the observances and celebrations of different cultures, countries, and religions through apps like this one (yes, there are apps for that), presentations, and unit plans.  

Cross-curricular activities ask young engineers to design brochures for festivals from a geographic perspective, and use their math skills to allot space for display booths, while reading worksheets help both native speakers and language learners develop their comprehension skills and interactives like this one let learners enter exotic celebrations across the world.

So come on, it’s time to celebrate and have a good time while learning about the rich tradition of festivals.

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