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Before actors utter a single word, the design of their costumes and of the set have drawn an audience into another time and place. These visual aspects of any theatrical production are carefully crafted and worthy of study. Introduce performing arts students to costume design with a lesson that focuses on elements like line, color, texture, and shape. Another resource explores how costumes can create a sense of a culture or time period.

Costume designing isn’t just for those interested in theatre arts. Primary graders can design new clothes for Hans Christian Anderson’s emperor and high schoolers have an opportunity to design costumes for characters in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet.  Even young ecologists can get into the act by using recycled materials to design costumes for a study of water.

Costume design is, of course, just one aspect of the visual and performing arts. Here’s a resource that shows learners how all the elements work together. Take a moment to check out the other reviewed resources in our collection.

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