Communicable Diseases Teacher Resources

Teaching kids to cover their mouths when they cough is hard enough—how do you teach them about how easily germs can spread on a biological level? At Lesson Planet, our teacher team has curated high-quality resources about communicable diseases that are perfect for health, math, and even history class!

Start out with this video that describes how germs move from one host to another. Next, move on to a thorough lesson that demonstrates how diseases spread amongst a population. A set of biology videos show learners how HIV and malaria replicate themselves, and how these viruses can quickly overwhelm an immune system.

For an interdisciplinary approach, use an environmental science lesson to solve the puzzle of a mysterious disease. Math learners will enjoy an interactive resource that models how quickly contagious diseases can spread, and a creative lesson on the zombie virus that features exponential functions and logistical models. They can also apply medieval standards to modern disease prevention with a historical approach to the bubonic plague.

Learning about diseases is well and good, but how do we prevent a society from getting sick? Check out a video on how vaccines work, or another video on the role that white blood cells play in the body. Your students will feel healthier—and more informed—than ever!

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