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Christmas Song Visual Supports

For Students K - 6th
Singing is a great way to reinforce memorization and reading skills. Read the song while showing the associated images, talk about each picture, show the image while the song is playing to reinforce the word to sound connection. This...
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Sounds of the Season

For Teachers 7th - 8th
During Christmas time, use common carols and Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker music as the basis for writing advertisements. Learners can work in teams or individually as they listen to songs via the links provided. A "Christmas Music Comparison...
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A Christmas Song Read Along

For Students 1st - 6th
Singing, holiday music, family get togethers are all part of typical American Christmas celebrations. Prepare your autistic or special needs class for social engagement through a group sing along. They can build reading skills, rhythm,...
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Christmas Music Lesson Plans

For Teachers 2nd - 5th
Christmas music lesson plans add a little spice to the season.
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Using Holiday Songs to Enhance Lessons

For Teachers 1st - 6th
Holiday songs can be fun and educational.
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A Christmas Song - It's Christmas

For Students 1st - 3rd
In the Christmas song worksheet, students read the music for "It's Christmas" and use the lyrics to help them sing along with their classmates.
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Christmas Songs

For Students 3rd - 5th
In this Christmas crossword puzzle worksheet, students complete the 14 word crossword puzzle. All of the clues are names of Christmas songs.
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Christmas Remakes

For Teachers 7th - 12th
"The first hotel," the agents did say, "was to certain poor travelers in fields where they strayed." Start the holiday season with this Christmas activity, which incorporates several important language arts skills. Students begin by...
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Christmas Tree Vocabulary

For Teachers 2nd - 6th
Here is a new Christmas twist on dictionary use and word research. After making a paper Christmas tree, learners listen to a wide selection of Christmas music. When they hear an unfamiliar word they write it down, look up the definition,...
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For Teachers Pre-K - 1st Standards
Introduce the basics of Thanksgiving with a language arts instructional activity. As pupils practice observation skills, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, they design paper turkeys by outlining their hands and feet and by singing an...
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Hanukkah Vocabulary Words

For Students 2nd - 6th Standards
A wealth of resources designed to teach learners about Hanukkah is perfect for the classroom this holiday season! Elementary learners complete a word search, use adjectives to describe different Hanukkah traditions, break cryptograms,...
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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Christmas Bells

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Students read and analyze the anti-slavery poem, "Christmas Bells" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. They discuss the content and form of the poem, write an essay, write an original poem, examine how this anti-slavery poem was converted...
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Holiday songs - Circle Time

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Pupils sit in a circle and sing holiday songs. In this holiday activity, students are introduced to new songs. They act out some songs by getting roles. 
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Christmas Songs Puzzle

For Students 3rd - 8th
In this Christmas crossword worksheet, students complete a crossword puzzle by answering questions or filling in the blanks of items related to Christmas songs. There are 41 word blanks on the puzzle to solve.
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Ebeneezer Scrooge Music Experience

For Teachers K - 5th
This is an "Ebeneezer Scrooge" experience for music. The teacher dresses in a robe and night cap, pretending to be "Ebeneezer Scrooge." The teacher has a "bah humbug" attitude about Christmas music that students need to help overcome....
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Ornament Notes

For Students 3rd - 5th
For this Christmas music activity worksheet, students examine 20 musical ornaments and mark each of them with the appropriate notes.
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Light Up the Tree

For Students 4th - 5th
In this Christmas music notation worksheet, students analyze 15 single musical notes on a treble or bass clef. All notes are pictures inside of light shapes on a Christmas tree. Students use the color and letter key to color the notes...
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Name That Tune

For Teachers 4th - 5th
In this holiday worksheet, students choose the tune to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or "Row Your Boat" and write a new holiday song. Students perform their creations.
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Sing a Song of Christmas

For Students 3rd - 12th
In this Christmas activity worksheet, students use the 48 clues to identify the words missing from the Christmas song titles. The missing words complete a crossword puzzle.
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12 Days of Christmas

For Teachers 1st - 6th
Students will create a book by adapting the "12 Days of Christmas" to their own lives. In this lesson plan students illustrate, create and write an accordion book using the traditional Christmas song "12 Days of Christmas" as a guide....
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Re-Name That Tune: A Vocabulary Activity

For Teachers K - 12th
Students build vocabulary skills by rewriting the names of some popular holiday songs, and create a fun "Holiday Tune" bulletin board display.
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Mystery Christmas Carols

For Teachers 1st - 6th
Students research the history of Christmas carols and find out where the practice of caroling originated. They copy the words to and then illustrate a Christmas song. Afterwards, they identify each other's favorite songs from their...
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Deck the Halls with Macro Follies

For Students 11th - 12th Standards
Does consumer spending really grow the economy? Check out this well-produced, comical and memorable video to consider this question with your young economists. 
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Santa Claus Quiz

For Teachers 5th - 6th
Students investigate Santa Claus. In this traditions lesson, students listen to Christmas songs and answer questions based on the music. Students complete a quiz about Santa Claus.  Students explore verb usage in Christmas related sentences

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