Interactive HTML Tutorial

Collector: Ann V.

Eight interactive lessons teach would-be web designers how to use HTML coding to modify existing web pages. The first lesson of an eight-part tutorial covers the basics of HTML. It teaches scholars about HTML code, tags, and document structure and has a brief interactive component to create an HTML document. Scholars then learn how to make their web pages look professional with a lesson plan that demonstrates how to create rudimentary tags for formatting HTML documents. Another tutorial covers tags for ordered and unordered lists and font color, typeface, and size. Next, scholars learn how to place images in HTML documents. They also figure out how to change image attributes (alignment with text) and add alternate text—moving young computer scientists to set up hyperlinks in HTML for text and image hyperlinks, image maps, and e-mail links. They also explore how to organize web pages using frames and how to define columns and rows. The last lesson of the eight-part tutorial gives troubleshooting advice when modifying web pages. It lists steps to download and upload HTML documents from the internet for purposes of modification.

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