Global Problem Solvers: Season 2 - Storm Force

Collector: Ann V.

When a hurricane strikes Tampa, Florida, who will help? Season 2 follows the Global Problem Solvers as they embark on a new mission. The team touches down in hurricane-ravaged Tampa only to discover that their main line of communication with Tampa is severed, leaving them to fly blind. After meeting with a local principal and teacher, the group begins to formulate a plan to restore electricity and Internet service to the city and find a solution for displaced pupils and teachers. After dividing into two teams, the Problem Solvers devise a way to create pop-up classrooms using solar energy. When high water threatens to delay the return of normalcy for Tampa's school children, the Problem Solvers rise above climbing waters by enlisting the help of monster truck drivers to deliver their pop-up school kits across the area. Viewers watch as the teens persevere by being organized, creative, and determined. Episode six features the Global Problem Solvers at their creative best. When the initial test of their school solution fails, the team puts their heads together to save the day. The seventh and final episode shows the outcome of the team’s community outreach project. After determining the community's reaction to pop-up schools, the team prepares for their next mission.

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